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Culinary Collective 

We bring critically acclaimed chefs and in-demand restaurant brands to events and markets across the UK. Our mission is to transform traditional event catering by curating the ultimate food experiences on tour, offering mouth-watering food options that will 'wow' your guests and set your event apart from the rest.

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About Culinary Collective 

The Collective That Transforms Events

At the heart of every event is the shared experience that binds attendees together, and at Culinary Collective, we make that experience unforgettable. With our rosters of critically acclaimed chefs and in-demand restaurant brands. 

Our Story
As passionate food lovers, we are committed to delivering unique and exciting flavour profiles to every event. Our bespoke food trucks and pop-up restaurants aim to disrupt the usual event dining scene by providing gourmet-quality dishes, carefully prepared by our team of chefs.
Our Journey
Proudly partnering with some of best restaurant brands, we've added an unparalleled culinary variety to countless events, markets and major festivals. 
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What We Serve

Bespoke Food Trucks

We offer a fleet of bespoke food trucks, each uniquely designed and equipped to cater to a variety of events & markets across the UK.

Pop-Up Restaurants

We specialise in crafting unique and immersive pop-up restaurant experiences that cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

Acclaimed Chefs

Our roster includes names that have obtained critical acclaim for their culinary achievements. Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Ethical Practices.

Private & Corporate Events

We collaborate with top London restaurants, brands bringing their signature dishes to private & corporate events.

Custom Menus

We customise our menu according to your event theme, diet restrictions, and preferences to create a personalised culinary experience.

Chef and Wine Tasting Experiences 

Exceptional culinary experiences spanning from the city to nationwide.

Chef 1
Bala Baya by Chef Eran Tibi

Celebrated culinary founder.
​Taste of Middle Eastern Shawarmas, Straight from Baya Bala's Kitchen.

Chef 2
Heard. by Two Michelin starred Chef Jordan Bailey

Get your hands on Jordan Bailey's masterfully crafted smashed burgers at Heard. 

Chef 3
Brisket Bar by Jonas Lodge

Jonas Lodge AA multi award winning fine dinning chef is serving up a slow-cooked brisket paradise at Brisket Bar. 

Chef 4
South African Braii by Katlego

Multi award winning Braai BBQ Chef.
​Dive into the essence of South African culinary excellence with superstar Chef Katlego's creations at South African Braii. 

Chef 5
Majken-Bench Bailey Two Michelin Starred sommelier

Brings a wealth of experience from renowned Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe.

Chef 6
Sino Taste of Ukraine by Eugene Korolev Ukraine's Top Chef & Food Olympics representative 



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